Birds and other critters of West Australia

imageAbove: mating mothsimageimageAbove: surprise in our electric box at one of the campgrounds! 2 cute green tree frogs

Below: stick bugimageimageimageimageAbove: death adder snake we came accross while driving in WA, one of the most venomous land snake in Australia and in the world.  imageimageAbove: the weirdest crab we’ve ever seenimageimageimageAbove: double-barred finchimageAbove: brown honeyeaterimageAbove: rainbow bee-eaterimage Above and below: galahimage imageAbove: sulphur-crested cockatooimage image  image imageAbove: rainbow lorikeetimageAbove: blue-faced honeyeaterimageimageimageAbove: kookaburraimageAbove: red-tailed black cockatooimage

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4 Responses to Birds and other critters of West Australia

  1. Annie Howell says:

    AMAZING photos……as always! So colorful, all those critters. And you? Quite tanned?

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    • speters14 says:

      Thanks Annie. We’ve kept some color on chasing sea and land critters. You guys are certainly having fun in northern Europe. Nice photos of the landscape and the Howell family.

  2. Lenore says:

    Just Fabulous!!! Hope you guys create a book from your travels…

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