Arriving in the 4th most expensive city in the world: Darwin, Australia

We arrived in Darwin at 5am after a bumpy & sleepless flight on Malaysian Airlines and hung out with Lee, a local man we met on arrival, at an expensive airport coffee shop (they even billed us $1 for hot water!). Lee gave us some tips and ideas for our West coast Darwin to Perth driving tour which was great. We then took a taxi to the hotel we had reserved (called the Leprechaun hotel) around 7:00 am where the receptionist, Ally, was very helpful and let us check in early. So far so good, except our “resort hotel” is really just an old motel with small stuffy rooms. We really needed to have internet access to wrap up the excess insurance item on the campervan we had reserved from Britz, as well as check & send emails, but didn’t want to pay the $10 fee at the hotel. So we took the bus ($3 each) to a recommended mall which we were told had free wifi. We got there a bit late and ate a disgusting and expensive lunch at McDo’s (a bit over $20 but one of the cheapest option believe it or not!).imageWe managed to get some campervan insurance research done on the web, but soon realized we didn’t have a credit card with us to complete the transaction. It was also getting a little late so we made our way to the grocery store after finding out the rest of the mall was closing at 5:30pm (really ?!). We then headed out to the bus stop with our bag of overpriced groceries where there were some loud (and probably drunk) aboriginals hanging out who caught the attention of the security guards and got into a shouting match with them. As we sat waiting for our bus, James reread the bus schedule and realized the last bus we had intended to catch left 30 minutes earlier and it was the last one of the day. S…T! On the advice of another bus driver on break, we took a different bus to an intersection where we got off and ran across the highway where we were to catch our final bus. It was getting dark by now and the scenery wasn’t particularly nice, with industrial buildings as our backdrop. Checking the bus schedule, we noted the next bus wasn’t coming by our stop for about an hour, so we decided to hitch hike the rest of the way. At that time, it was pitch black, so we didn’t have much hope but a very nice gentleman, originally from Sri Lanka we learned, picked us up and delivered us to our motel’s front gate. We ran in and desperately had Ally sign us up for the internet. We think she took pity on us and gave it to us for free. So let’s see, $32 spent on a pretty fruitless day (not counting groceries or breakfast) but some very nice people who helped us… that’s how our Australian journey started….

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4 Responses to Arriving in the 4th most expensive city in the world: Darwin, Australia

  1. Valerie says:

    Hmmmmm….. Your blog about how expensive it is there in Australia really brings back memories.
    We never yet made it to the west coast of Australia, but the rest of the country is just as expensive.
    So hope you find some good deals to stay in your budget! Otherwise, you may have to accept the price differences in order to have a nice time. Big change from Asia huh? Australia was one of more spendy trips, although we enjoyed the country a lot. We are off to Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu in one month….can’t wait! Val and Rupert

    • speters14 says:

      Yes sticker shock for sure!! But we are slowly letting it go and trying to enjoy this beautiful country. The NW territory is quite nice and wild although the temperatures scorching! Your upcoming trip sounds amazing, I have been to New Caledonia (not a cheap country either) and Vanuatu and it is beautiful. Don’t miss Ile des pins in New Caledonia and there’s lots to do around Port Vila also. Hope you guys have a great time.

  2. Tracy Thomas says:

    Going from the part of Asia you were in to Australia surely made the sticker shock worse. Good idea to let it go, as long as you don’t end up working for food!

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