Small and big critters

imageAbove: Red and yellow barbetimageimageimageAbove: Eurasian roller. Below: MangooseimageimageAbove: Common guinea fowl. Below: Northern masked weaverimageimageAbove: Red-cheeked cordon bleu. Below: White-bellied go-away-birdimageimageAbove: Black-shouldered kiteimageAbove: Martial eagle. Below: Lilac breasted rollerimageimageAbove: Hate my picture!imageimageAbove: Flap necked chameleon. Below: Agama lizardimageimageAbove: Leopard turtleimage imageAbove: Dung beetle

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2 Responses to Small and big critters

  1. Heather says:

    Gorgeous photos – I miss all the beautiful birds of Africa! Especially love the photo of the hornbill in front of the mirror – very cute!!

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