Uganda: Queen Elizabeth National Park

So we woke up a bit tired the next morning and sore from the chimp trekking, had breakfast and decided to go on a nature walk. The food has been very good and plentiful, by the way, in all places we have stayed at in Uganda, so no chances of losing weight here either…
The nature walk was actually rather boring and we only saw a red-tail monkey.
We took off after the walk heading for Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s second largest national park after Murchison Falls.
We passed the equator on the way with a baboon posing for us. We also went by many tea plantations (black tea is very common in Uganda), stopped to take pictures and bought tea from a local.  We drove through several villages where many kids were waving hello and chanting “How are you?”, not too innocently- trying to get money from tourists!
Passing the equator
Tea farms everywhere
Workers on tea plantattions
Kids waving and chanting “How are you?”
We arrived at our bush lodge around 2pm, our first luxury tent accommodation complete with river view,  dual outdoor shower and sand toilet (we called it the cat box as you had to pour scoops of sands after doing your business).
image image
Dual head outdoor shower at the bush lodge
We had lots of dirty laundry so decided to give it to the bush lodge to have it cleaned since the price was reasonable, more on this later…
That evening we did a game drive in Queen Elizabeth’s park and saw lions in the distance. The real treat came a few kms away….a leopard!! How beautiful, we watched him for a long time laying down in a big candelabra tree as the light faded and the sun set.
image image
image image image
We returned to the lodge for a romantic candle lit dinner and saw our Swiss trekking buddies, Nanet and Elaine,  having dinner there also. They were staying at the same lodge! We had a nice chat with them after dinner.
The next day, we were scheduled for a Kazinga channel boat cruise in the afternoon but Ivan decided we would leave right after lunch to have some game viewing opportunity on the way…and it paid off: we saw 2 lions in a large candelabra tree (cats seem to like those in Queen Elizabeth). We had to rush to take pictures so we would not miss our boat cruise.
image image
The cruise itself was good with the usual wildlife we had been seeing: elephants, hippos, and lots of birds. We also passed some interesting fishing villages.
image image image image image image image
Great crested cranes (above): Uganda’s National Bird
image image
We had dinner that night with our Swiss friends and later received our laundry which was very smoky (they dried it over the fire!!) and missing a shirt which was recovered later. Well smoky was better than dirty so we didn’t complain.
We left at 9:00am the next day to the area of the park called Ishasha, famous for its tree-climbing lions. We also saw a monitor lizard as well as a herd of elephants and stopped to eat lunch not far from them.
image image image image image image image
James looking for wildlife
Sylvie coming back from a pee break in the bush. Life is good again!
We were close to the Congo border, so decided to pay them a quick visit. We were escorted by a Ugandan police officer (for which he was tipped of course) to the immigration office where we showed our passports and signed into their official “guest book”. We were then allowed to cross no-man’s land, over the Ishasha river, and a few yards into the country of Congo where we took some pictures.
In Congo for a few minutes
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11 Responses to Uganda: Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. Gene says:

    Great photos! That Queen Elizabeth lodge was pretty nice, wasn’t it? Did you hear the hippos snorfling around during the night?

    • speters14 says:

      Yes, that bush lodge was our favorite, the best meal, a nice view, a cool outdoor shower and the hippos at night. Sylvie could have done without the sand toilet though…and the road coming in was murder!

  2. Kelleye Bennett-Vinci says:

    Those red & green birds are lovely! Any idea what they are? (Been having a to of fun traveling round the world vicariously 😉

  3. Melinda Gallagher says:

    Love the lions, leopard, elephants, birds. Oh my….

  4. J J Lim says:

    Wow hey, those pictures are amazing. I am intending to visit. Would you be so kind to share the name of the lodge that you stayed at. Also, I wonder if you self-drive, or with a tour company?

    Would like to have the details!


    • speters14 says:

      Hi so we hired a tour company called Kazinga Tours and were pretty happy with it. Would not recommend self drive. There’s little to no signage, road conditions were bad and it was very nice to have someone show us the hidden Uganda and who knew their way around the parks. We thought about self drive too and were glad we didn’t. The lodge we stayed in Queen Elizabeth for a couple of nights was called Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge. Hope this helps. We really liked Uganda and Tanzania’s wildlife. And if you go to Uganda, don’t miss seeing the gorillas!

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