Seychelles Island Hopping: Praslin and Curieuse

We spent 6 nights on the island of Praslin in a large studio apartment with kitchenette. We took the Catcocos ferry from Mahe to get there and it took about an hour.  We had a rather rainy stay on Praslin (start of the rainy season is December) but we managed to see most of the island anyway and take in some beach time. We had a rental car for most of our stay and tried to navigate among the other cars and crazy blue buses.


Praslin is known for the Coco de Mer and we visited the Vallee de Mai reserve where there are still several male and female indigenous coco de mer trees.
We had a guided tour where we learned about the different palm trees, coco de mer trees, and other flora and fauna facts. The coco de mer is the largest nut in the world and the female nut is famous and sought after for its suggestive shape.
image image
James holding a male and female coco de mer -above.image
Many women might agree with this sign above 🙂
image image
Young female coco de mer – above
image image image image image
One of the days we decided to take an excursion to a nearby island called Curieuse to go see the land tortoises and take a hike to a very secluded beach called Anse Badanier. The ëxcursion boats wanted way too much money for an island we could almost swim to, so we negotiated with a local we found on a beach, Johny, for a fair price. He agreed to meet us the next day at 9:30am.
That next morning, we ditched our rental car for the day and took the crazy blue bus to our meeting point at Anse Volbert. To our surprise, Johny was there (in fact we learned later he was on our bus)….a local on time? Whoa we thought!! We found a good one! BUT…Johny said he wanted the money right away as he had to go get gas for the boat! It would ONLY take him 20 mins to a half hour. We were surprised (although not that much) and hesitant to pay him but we felt we had no choice. So we sat on the beach, wondering if Johny would come back and if we would learn a lesson. But Johny showed up 20 mins or so later with the gas can and managed to start the boat after some failed attempts and fiddling with some wiring. He let us off at Curieuse island and agreed to pick us up at 4:00pm on Anse St Jose beach.
Johny trying to start his boat!
On Curieuse,  we “petted” some small and medium size land tortoises and witnessed some love-making (caught on video for your entertainment).
We then headed out to start our very steamy humid hike (felt like bushwhacking at times ) to the other side of the island to Anse Badanier. We spent most of the day there and enjoyed the solitude of this small  beach, having a nice lunch, a fresh coconut that James managed to open up, and looking for shells.
imageimageimageimageimageimageimage image
We hiked back in time to have a quick swim at Anse St Jose and dry off while waiting for our ride. At around 4:30pm, we were starting to get a bit concerned that Johny would not come to pick us up and was just drinking with his new money at the local bar. A French couple tried to help us with their local cell phone by calling Johny and texting him, but no replies. By now, we thought we would have to spend the night somewhere on this island  (there are no hotels or structures, just an old leper house that’s been boarded off). Then suddenly in the distance, a boat came and it was Johny! We were relieved but a bit frustrated at the same time. Sylvie immediately told Johny he was late and he laughed it off, saying “yeah yeah I know. I had some Chinese customers who wanted to snorkel and had to leave them in the water to come get you”. Now it was our turn to laugh, he left his customers alone in the water? He rushed out of Curieuse speeding his way towards the snorkeling area where he had left them and we found them in a tiny rubber raft which his friend had lent them while waiting for Johny to come back. They climbed on our boat and we returned to Praslin all safe and sound.
We went to the bus stop to ride home and waited over an hour! We couldn’t wait to get our rental car back. On the way we passed a local feeding rice to the Madagascar cardinals, those beautiful red/orange birds we had been seeing everywhere in the Seychelles and a very well appointed fruit stand.
image image image
One night, tired of our own cooking, we had the owner’s sister in law cook us a creole meal. It was really tasty and a nice change from our predictable menu.
James had curry tuna and Sylvie some good chicken with onion wine sauce (to die for), both accompanied with rice and salad. We also had a great sunset that night.
image image
We spent a couple of days at Anse Lazio, a beautiful beach on Praslin, but now unfortunately “netted” because of 2 shark attacks that happened two years ago only two weeks apart. We swam mostly inside the net but snorkeled warily outside once.
image image image image
The last day the weather was really sunny and we spent it on gorgeous Anse Georgette where the luxurious Constance Lemuria has its hotel and golf course. You don’t see the hotel at all though from the beach which is a 20 minute walk from the hotel entrance. We had to get on a special guest list 2 days before to even get in, but it was well worth it. It was in our opinion the prettiest beach of Praslin. The sea was rough and the waves pounding much to James’delight.
image image image image
Praslin was overall OK but the weather could have been better and so we were eager to move on to La Digue.
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19 Responses to Seychelles Island Hopping: Praslin and Curieuse

  1. Valerie and Rupert says:

    Oh… Last time we went to La Digue, we stayed at Domaine de l’Orangerie for two nights, to splurge! as it was our 10 year anniversary. Nice pool for you to have a drink at anyway! Expensive, but the prettiest hotel on La Digue!
    Great fruit in La Digue too!

  2. Valerie and Rupert says:

    Wow you two!
    So Now that you have been there, Rupert and I met in this little restaurant on Praslin called Le Laurier. They sometimes have reggae music on the weekends, so on your way back through Praslin on the way out, check it out if you have the time! Anyway, then we bumped into each other for the second time at Anse Lazio! And then the third time on that excursion to St Pierre, Cousin and Curieuse.!
    But now you are on my most favorite island in the world, with the most beautiful beaches in the world! So beautiful that look fake! Anse Source D’Argent is worth the entrance fee! Don’t miss it…..
    Look for the staircase to heaven. is it still there? …but the harder to get to beaches are worth seeing too, so we hope you stay there a few days. Beaches that you have to cycle and hike to …like Grand Anse, Petit Anse, Anse Coco, Anse Marron, L’union beach, All worth going to.
    And if you can get there…go to Grand Soeur. We went there last time too, but Rupert lived there in a tent for a couple of weeks twelve years ago and helped the caretakers between tourist visits!
    Have fun you guys. I’ll pray that you have good weather!
    Valerie and Rupert

  3. Valerie and Rupert says:

    BTW…. It was 10 degrees Faranheit last

  4. Terrea says:

    The photo of those cardinals is like one of those pics where you try to see an image within the patterns. Beautiful! I hope you mailed samples of those male and female coconuts back to yourselves to dry out and hang above your bed! :o) You both look tan and healthy… many astounding photos to comment on….and I like seeing your smiling faces. Love ya, T

    • speters14 says:

      Hi Terrea, thanks..yes those birds are beautiful, we had a couple beg for bread this morning for breakfast. Those coconuts are WAY too expensive for us to even think about bringing some home, we’ll just have to be happy with pictures of them :). Stay warm.

  5. Loto says:

    Seychelles are really beautiful! When did you visit Seychelles?
    Thanks and nice holidays!

  6. Cp3 says:

    Beautiful photos and fantastic islands!
    Did you visit Seychelles in December 2013 (this month)?
    Love Anse Georgette!

  7. najboljsi says:

    Hello again!
    I also want to go to Seychelles in June next year. Is this a good time to go? Thank you!

  8. najboljsi says:

    Thank you again!
    I won’t miss La Digue because I know that is beautiful!

  9. Melinda Gallagher says:

    I don’t know what is more beautiful…the beaches, those birds or turtles having sex! Ha…looks amazing.

  10. Seylover says:

    What do you think is the most beautiful beach on Seychelles. Can you write 10 most beautiful Seychelles beaches? Thank you a lot!

    • speters14 says:

      Here are our favorites below, keep in mind we did not make it to all beaches on every island and some of the beaches’appeal is very seasonal. Seaweed, currents etc can greatly affect some of those beaches depending on the month you are visiting.

      1) Anse Georgette (Praslin)
      2) Petit Anse (La Digue)
      3) Anse Intendance (Mahe)
      4) Anse Lazio (Praslin)
      5) Grand Anse (La Digue)
      6) Anse Coco (La Digue)
      7) Anse Marron (La Digue)
      8) Anse Major (Mahe)
      9) Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue)
      10) Anse Carana (Mahe)

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