French Riviera: Vacation from the Vacation

Having been to the Cote d’ Azur before (of course, Sylvie is from there),  we took a breather from touring and spent time with Sylvie’s family and friends. Sylvie’s mom put us up in a very large nice apartment near their place and we enjoyed getting together with her and Jean almost every day for lunch, aperitif, or dinner (or all the above). James tried out all the different aperitifs such as porto, muscat, orange wine, and other various liquors.
image image
View and sunrise from our apartment in Grasse, Cote d Ázur, and below typical day of shopping for stocking up the pantry.
It was nice to slow down and relax, although not so relaxing for Sylvie as she had to play chauffeur in the crazy-fast-paced-honking-impatient French traffic, as well as play translator.
We did take a few excursions (Photos below)-  hiking & picnicking at a nearby lake with Sylvie’s mom & Jean, and spending an afternoon in St. Paul de Vence, one of our favorite French Riviera villages where we took in the outdoor market and walked the narrow medieval streets.
image image image image image
St Paul de Vence:
image image
Watching the locals play petanque in St Paul de Vence:
image image
Sylvie chewing on her licorice root she just bought at the market:
image image image image image image
Resident dog checking us out:
One of the many olive trees of the region:
The day before we left for Paris, it was Sylvie’s mom’s birthday which we celebrated at a very good restaurant in Mougins. The food was homemade, the wine excellent, and the service impeccable (which can be rare in France). The waiter remembered the occasion and even added a huge sparkler on Sylvie’s mom’s dessert. It was a great time and left with very full stomachs!
image image image
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10 Responses to French Riviera: Vacation from the Vacation

  1. Yahoo says:

    I should have contacted you earlier, I was in Cannes and Nice from October 29 till nov 3 for a family wedding Good luck foe the next stages I appreciated the great pictures.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Terrea says:

    Sylvie, has this return to your homeland made you feel homesick? Or has it reminded you of all the reasons that you left? It’s usually a mixed bag whenever I visit in Portland. I’m glad to know you’re both getting some down time and taking it a little easier. love and hugs to you ~ Terrea

    • speters14 says:

      It was really a mix bag. I miss some of the things like family, friends and the food but at the same time too many things frustrate me about France and I don’t think I could not live there anymore. Bises

  3. Tom Hafford says:

    James, just remember when you are in the bakeries to keep your filthy American meathooks off the bread!! 😉

  4. Gene says:

    I bet you guys are missing traveling around in that van right about now!

    • speters14 says:

      I like their bold, adventurous, crazy, and yet, practical approach. It feels like that at times (only the clothes part), but we’re quickly reminded (like today) how much stuff we have in-tow when shlepping a moderately sized suitcase and a daypack that weighs almost as much, across cobble stone streets, constructions areas, and major boulevards with honking traffic and people-choked sidewalks. Thanks for the funny and enlightening read. -James & Sylvie

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