48 hours in Venezia

Marco met us at the vaporetto (public water bus) pier in his wooden motor boat that is fashioned in the traditional Venetian style. We made our way through the canals and were quickly lost in the city’s unique beauty as well as its intricate maze.
Our room was just across the courtyard from Marco & Kelly’s place making it easy for us to harass them for directions, advice, etc. They were great hosts, touring us around the city, stopping in some of their local hangouts for a glass of Prosecco , eating at some of their favorite restaurants, and letting us crash Giovani’s 1st birthday party! They also served us a nice meal on our last night.
image image
We found Venice to be a very charming city, but a bit busy with many cruise ships making a stop there. Apparently the Venetians don’t get a breather till November, and it starts to crank up again in December. We spent half a day exploring and getting ourselves lost in back alleys, browsing shops, and taking in a picnic alongside the Grand Canal.
image image image image image image image image image image image
After retrieving our car from the parking garage, the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree once again and the car started sputtering. We had enough and headed straight to the Europcar office at the Venice airport determined to force them to give us a new car. We pulled in the rental car lot and explained the situation to the attendant, who performed a very technical diagnostic – he sniffed the gas cap and then the exhaust pipe. He determined that indeed, we had not put diesel in it instead of super unleaded (we’re not that dumb) and that water must have gotten into the tank. He sent us to the airport counter and told us they would give us a new car. Really??? That easy?!  Long story short, after arguing at the counter for 30 minutes, we ended up with a diesel Mercedes SUV-type car. Not really what we wanted – a big luxury car on small European roads, but we made it work!
image image image
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9 Responses to 48 hours in Venezia

  1. Terrea says:

    Imagine growing up in such a water-oriented place, where you hang laundry on a line over the canal and your first date drops you off at the front door from a skiff. A beautiful place of reflections and unique adaptations to the environment. Nice wheels! :o)

  2. Kelly says:

    Ciao bellissimi! We had such a wonderful time with you and we so look forward to another visit-lots more to see! Love the pics, especially the one of James with the map! We can’t wait to read about all of your fabulous adventures to come! See you on the plaza dude…hahaha.
    Stay healthy and happy and we send you much love from our unique venezia

  3. Heather says:

    Ah man! What a romantic and beautiful city! Glad to hear that your car troubles have been resolved too!

  4. Valerie and Rupert says:

    So very very happy to hear that you ultimately made the connection with Marco and had a nice time. Your photos are fabulous as usual!
    Marco and Kelly are indeed such sweet fun people. We knew that you would enjoy their company if you made it into Venice . We sure also had a good time with them and enjoyed seeing their home!
    Hugs to both of you!
    Valerie and Rupert

  5. Gene says:

    What, no photos with pigeons perched on James’ head?

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