Going where the wind takes us

So it’s been a little over a month since the beginning of our trip and we are finally starting to relax and let go of having an overly planned itinerary. On the advice of several people we met, we took the Beartooth Hwy drive from east Yellowstone to Red Lodge instead of heading straight to Glacier National Park. The drive took about 2-3 hours (with stops) and didn’t disappoint with fantastic panoramic views of mountains with alpine lakes.

image image image

Red Lodge is a very cute old mining town in Montana with a cow boy feel. It also has the best candy store we have ever been to, Montana Candy Emporium, lots of bins of different taffies, chocolates and old style candies as well as antiques. We were eating them with our eyes and got out of there before any damage. We poked around the few stores and got back to our campground (a nice site at “Sheridan” next to the creek).

image image

We had heard and read about the Big Horn Canyon National Recreation area which is supposed to be scenic so we made a stop to check out the overlook , and decided to camp near the canyon where we also took a refreshing dip.We spotted some big horn sheep on the way.

image image image



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