Making our way to Colorado

After visiting the Warney valley area of Lassen where we hiked to Boiling Springs Lake, we decided to move on to our next destination. Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks were next on our list but we decided to forego them due to the hot weather and expected crowds.  So we started heading east towards Colorado, starting with an overnighter in Reno. After a long hot drive through Nevada we finally reached Salt Lake City where we were greeted with a spectacular sunset.

We were also greeted by a large air conditioned room with breakfast and all the works at the Springhill Suites Marriott thanks to our friends back in Portland/Hillsboro!!! Picture below says it all…and this week, we will be able to shower 🙂


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3 Responses to Making our way to Colorado

  1. Joel Lupro says:

    That room looks real comfortable! How great for Val to think of this gift!

  2. Ellen and John says:

    Yeah, I am glad your getting some well deserved rest and a shower during your hot travels. Enjoy!

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