Sleepless in Lassen

After a long windy hot ride from Arcata, we arrived in Lassen National Park on July 6.  Since we don’t have A/C in our car, we stopped on the  way to cool off in the Trinity River and grab a quick lunch. Lassen National Park is one the least visited parks in the US and a real hidden gem, home to clear mountain lakes, varied landscapes, abundant wildlife and of course volcanoes.  All four types of volcanoes found in the entire world are represented in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Volcanoes found in the park include shield (Prospect Peak), plug dome (Lassen Peak), Cinder Cone (Cinder Cone), and Composite (Brokeoff Volcano) volcanoes.

We spent our first night in Summit Lake campground planning the next day of hiking and getting a “shower” to get refreshed from our long hot day.


imageOur make-do tarp solar shower!

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4 Responses to Sleepless in Lassen

  1. David Howell says:

    We’re glad you made it safely to Lassen. Thanks for spending time with us in the redwoods. Have fun!

  2. Gene says:

    Lasses rocks! I had a close encounter with a bear in the backcountry there too. He was very unimpressed by my attempts to look big and scary.

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