Sleepless in Lassen (cont)

Our first full day in Lassen included some day hikes to Kings Creek Falls, Terrace, Shadow, and Cliff lakes as well as Bumpass Hell from our Summit Lake base camp.

Photos below from Kings Creek Falls hike:




Hike to beautiful Shadow, Terrace, and Cliff lakes:




Fumaroles, mud pots, and boiling springs – Bumpass Hell had it all:


Summit Lake campground was a bit noisy, so for the next 2 days we decided to get away from it all and backpack to Horseshoe Lake, a nine-mile hike. It turned out to be a beautiful setting with no one in sight at this 6600′ level alpine lake.

It was a hard hike (we are not in shape….yet) but well worth it

image image

Lots of wildlife, a “pet”deer, beautiful birds, and a cool lake to bathe in.




Chromies, the dirt-potty-digger got its inaugural trip!! 🙂


We were exhausted after a long hike and thought we would finally get a good night’s rest. But not so. James’ air mattress went flat in the middle of the first night! Now, the 2nd night topped it all. We had a 2nd backcountry hiker camp near by who gave off a weird vibe. That night we drifted off to sleep rather early after a day hike to nearby Juniper Lake and Inspiration Point, but got awoken suddenly @ 2:00 am by the strangest noise. It sounded like our new neighbor was chopping wood in the middle of the night. We both spent the next 2 hours stressed to the max wondering if we were next! We never found out for sure what the noise was (it wasn’t our neighbor chopping wood!), but were so relieved to hear birds chirping and daylight filtering in in the early morning hours. We were tired and determined to get outta there, when something else happened, a near by tree was getting torn apart by….. a bear!!! And the conversation went like this: James said “Where is the camera?”, to which Sylvie responded “Where the hell is the bear mace??? In the end, the bear sniffed us from a short distance and decided he was not interested (may be we were too gamey?), and went his own way! James snapped the nice picture below, before we left in a hurry, swearing we would not backcountry camp for a little while and just put up with known human noise.


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9 Responses to Sleepless in Lassen (cont)

  1. Terrea says:

    Ah, wish I could still throw on a pack and wander into the backcountry. I love the shot of (what looks like) the Western tanager, and the butterfly on a log….art pieces for sure! The bear gave me an old ‘Alaskan’ type shiver. You two are intrepid! :o)

  2. Mikey says:

    This is AMAZING! It’s only the beginning and you two have already taken all these breathtaking pictures, this is truly awesome! You’re making me want to jump into that lake right now, so beautiful that gives me goosebumps! Please keep up the great work and travel safe, we’re sitting tight and waiting for more!

  3. Kathy and Wayne Godare says:

    LOVE the photos. What kind of camera are you using? Be safe, and thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through your journey! Can’t wait for the next blog.

  4. Janet says:

    I’m a little late to the party here…holy frickin smokes…bear was a lil close for comfort. The pics are AMAZING!! Hope you’re having tons of fun!

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