4th of July in Arcata

Happy July 4th! We arrived in Arcata late morning at James’ s sister, Annie and her husband, David. They have a beautiful house in a woodsy area of Humboldt county. We chatted for a while, ate lunch and they encouraged us to go take a shower :). We decided to go to Luffenholtz beach for a BBQ evening.  It is a gorgeous beach, with very few people but lots of seals and cormorants. The guys built a fire and grilled salmon over the coals. We watched the waves come closer and closer as the evening progressed but David was adamant that we should stay and the tide would not reach us.  Regardless, we broke camp once the guys were done with dinner and  drinking the wine and before being swept away with the incoming tide.

imageCredit goes to David Howell, the professional photographer, for this distorted picture of us!! 🙂



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2 Responses to 4th of July in Arcata

  1. David Howell says:

    It was a great early summer beach BBQ on the northern California coast. Thanks Sylvie and James!!

  2. Kathy and wayne godare says:

    Wow what a start with such gorgeous photography. I can only imagine how many more great pictures are to come! It looks all SO inviting. Cheers to you both.

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