Finally on the road

We finally got going on Monday mid day after picking up the typhoid vaccine and tying up a few other loose ends. We hit the Oregon Coast starting in Waldport after a hot drive down I5. It really sucks not having air conditioning! We drove until we found a campground between Yachats and Florence (Alder Creek) where we spent a somewhat sleepless night listening to bull frogs. You would think it would be a nice nature sound that would put us to sleep but not so! They were quite loud and intermittent.



The next day we continued down highway 101 making several quick stops. One for lunch at Cape Blanco, which was really pretty but foggy, cold and windy.
At the campground there, we noticed a highly unusual “RV” that James was really jealous of, see photo below.

imageThis customized van puts ours to shame!

We finally reached the California border and headed for the Redwoods National Park.

image image


We had hoped to stay at one of the main campgrounds on the North end of the park, but this being the 4th of July week, it was full.

We backtracked to a county campground we had seen on the way in and felt lucky to find a spot by the river at this small, intimate campground. After setting up, we toured the park and did some small hikes, and returned to our campground to swim in the river (yes that was our shower!). We soon realized the chaos around us, dogs barking, kids crying and screaming, and 10 to 15 people per site on each side of us! This was not our idea of camping and relaxing. James went to talk to the host who allowed us to park in the day use area at the far end of the campground away from everyone except for a couple the host had sent there already.
We packed hastily and moved the van there. After a few minutes, we met our neighbors, a very nice couple from Pennsylvania, Patrick and Kim, who were on their honeymoon and had customized their Sienna minivan also for a long road trip in the US! We said our good nights and decided to meet for pancakes in the morning.


After breakfast with our new friends, we continued South in the park and kept running into them. So we had lunch and hiked together. It was such a great day!


We parted our way in the evening as they had to keep going towards Lassen (our next stop also). They gave us some delicious homemade plum jam -of which half we devoured for breakfast the next morning. We continued driving South towards Arcata and stopped for some photo opp, such as a herd of elk relaxing on the beach.


We spent the night at Agate Beach campground and took in a spectacular sunset that evening. While waiting for the sunset, we were sifting through the rocks not watching the waves and almost got our camera gear and ourselves a salty shower!



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4 Responses to Finally on the road

  1. rja12 says:

    Incredible pics! Beautiful

  2. Terrea says:

    shazam! You’ve started your trip album off with some stunning photos! I covet the castle on wheels. Am envious of the beach-lounging elk.
    Happy July 4th! Hope you get to light up a couple of sparklers.

  3. Ellen and John says:

    Incredible pics. It’s so awesome you have this opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. Thanks for. Sharing and letting me see the world through your camera and words. Have fun!

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