1st day of our big exciting adventure

We drove for hours and hiked around another bunch of hours and tonight we found a cozy spot in….wait for it…..wild Hillsboro in our own guest bedroom! Ok, we have to come clean – we had forgotten to pick up my Typhoid prescription at Costco yesterday and thought, “no problem, we’ll get it today and then hit the road”. The pharmacy is closed on Sunday. So long story (even longer) is we HAVE to have it, so Bonnie, our rent/sitter, let us stay the night. As it turned out, Sylvie was catching up on our banking and she found the bank put a major deposit in someone else’s account – so there’s that little matter to clear also. AND, even after replacing all the smoke alarm batteries a month ago, the master bedroom’s (no less) started chirping (could have been a very bad 1st night for Bonnie), so we’ll get a new battery while we’re hiking around Hillsboro tomorrow, THEN finally hit the road let’s hope.

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3 Responses to 1st day of our big exciting adventure

  1. rja12 says:

    Sounds like fate, karma or some other supernatural force is trying to tell you something 😉

  2. Terrea says:

    Ha ha! It’s always something. At least you didn’t leave a kid behind (as in Home Alone). Good luck getting out of there…:D

  3. Ellen and John says:

    Hurray, I love your blog and glad I found it so we can keep up with your excitement 🙂 Happy travels !

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