“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”  Mark Twain

IMG_9839_1It’s been a stressful last few months but we are now seeing the finish line. Lots of planning, researching, and googling. We both felt for a while we had 2 jobs!!

I have always loved to travel. My parents gave me the bug early on. I was very fortunate that my Mom worked for Air France and my Dad for the French Navy so by the time I was 18 I had already been on a plane more times than on a train or bus. I enjoyed traveling through my early 20’s too which landed me here in the States and then the occasional hiking trip/vacation we could take while working.

James had the camping/hiking bug well established from his childhood with countless expeditions with his family mainly around the Pacific northwest, including Alaska. He now has the foreign version of the bug, which started with his first trip outside North America in 2006 to Costa Rica. Since then we’ve managed to travel to different countries with a mere week or two at a time.

But there was always something amiss, the thought that we could not completely relax because the end of the vacation was nearing and that we would have to get home, get back to work and “normal” life… On our 2 weeks of travel, we would often meet people from other countries (mostly Europeans or Australians) traveling for months or years at the time! We thought, why not us? That’s right, we had to return to work and pay the bills, pay the mortgage and start all over every day!

We felt that we were slowly wasting away and that our bodies as a response to our minds were also starting to go downhill.

We wanted to enjoy a much greater sense of freedom… we could decide  where to go, what we wanted to do and how long we wanted to stay, no obligations and complete freedom (only limited by our wallets)!!! No phone, no TV, no job, no schedule, no bills to pay; just us, our thoughts and an incredible view. That became our dream and our number one goal.

So we slowly started planning and saving with determination, purpose and lots of discipline. Fast forward to June 2013 and we are now just 2 weeks away from traveling for one full year.

We are looking forward to traveling the world, experience different cultures and meet new people, and remembering how much better life can be when you live it simply. Through these experiences we look forward to learning a lot about ourselves and sharing it on our blog with you.

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9 Responses to Let the journey begin

  1. Kathy and Wayne Godare says:

    Most people can only dream. To live out your dream and share it with others is a true gift. Safe journeys! Wayne and Kathy Godare

  2. Gene says:

    We’re so excited to follow you guys on your travels! Good luck and safe travels!

    Gene & Heather

  3. Rj Anderson says:

    But what are the plans upon returning? Do you keep enough money in order to secure housing when you get back and then look for jobs hoping for the best? Or is it a “cross that bridge when we get there” sort of thing? Curious because I want to do this in the future.

    • speters14 says:

      We did plan for a cushion/some money to get us by (we hope) when we get back. That will be driving our motivation to get a job. We have a house and it will be rented for the year.

  4. nakedgod says:

    I envy you, James,
    Following you here would be the only way for me to travel around the world….

    — Joonho in Sage

  5. Mikey says:

    I am beyond thrilled to learn that you’re going onto this world tour; thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with all of us! We will be following your each and every step along the journey, please have fun, be safe and eat well!

    Esther & Michael

  6. Nathalie Fossoud says:

    This is what I call a project! Have a ball for all of us… You’re the second couple I know going for this adventure… Maybe that’s a sign? one day, who knows!

    Make the most of it and take care,

  7. Donna Caruso says:

    You are both an inspiration to all!! I can hardly wait to follow your journey on this blog! 😄

  8. Kelleye Bennett-Vinci says:

    Dad sent me the URL. It sounds like a blast! I look forward to updates.

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